World Masters Games 2021 KANSAI Orienteering Competition


2021 WMG Kansai pre event

  • WMG pre event 2021 is going to be held on Nov. 2021.
  • Entry started. Please see details at here

WMOC 2021 to Hungary

WMG(World Masters Games)2021 Kansai has been postponed to 2022. WMOC(World Masters Orienteering Championship) will be held in 2021 in Hungary.

IOF Council suggests criteria for the return of major events in 2021 | International Orienteering Federation

If it cannot be held in Hungary,  there is a possible that WMOC2021 will be held in WMG Kansai in 2022. So we will prepare for the orienteering competition according to the same standards as WMOC.

We are stopping entries for WMG 2021 KANSAI Orienteering competition until a decision whether or not to be held in Hungary for the reason of changes of entry fee.

Accommodation for forest competition

We have added information here that present comparing and reservation sites for accommodation convenient to access for forest competition.


  • Embargoed area has been updated (17th Sep)
  • Pre-event is postponed to 4 Oct. and 10, 11th.
  • New bulletin is released.
  • Registered as World Ranking Events.

Bulletin 1 is published.


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World Masters Games 2021 KANSAI