Kobe area (Sprint competition)

Kobe and surrounding area offer a wide variety of accommodation types, including high grade 5-star hotels, budget hotels, B&B, Japanese inn and guest houses.

Here is also information about Kobe.

Tajima area ( Forest competition )

For the forest events, the host areas Yabu city, Kami town and Kamikawa town offer accommodation. In addition, accommodation in Toyooka city and neighbouring towns is also available. They have a wide range of accommodation including luxury hotels, B & B, Japanese inns, guest houses, cottages, campsites and hard floors with “tatami” mats. In this area you can enjoy traditional Japanese hospitality such as hot springs and local natural foods.

In the Forest area, there is a free shuttle bus which runs from the Yabu Event Centre to JR Yabu Station, competition area, and sub-bases in Yabu City and Kami town. In addition, there will be pick-up and drop-off services from the accommodations in Yabu City and Kami town to the bases of each municipality.